1. Taxpayer First Act Introductory Video

    [ music ] Well, in its most basic terms, the taxpayer first act is a law.

    It's legislation that the Congress passed and the president signed this last July. But so much more than that for us as an agency, it's an opportunity to look at the way we deliver services to the citizenry, to our customer base, which is wide and diverse and to see if we're organized in the right way to deliver a seamless customer experience across the full waterfront of tax administration and all of the various customer segments that we serve.

    20 years ago when we, uh, last restructured, the IRS, the world was a very different place, the way that people interact with everything now with other people, with businesses, uh, with, uh, how they pay their rent.

    It's no longer a face to face transaction anymore.

    They're not even on computers anymore. They're on their phones, they're mobile, they don't use their banks. They use Venmo.

    PayPal is even going out.

    So this is just to me a very exciting time to be a part of the IRS.

    The workforce as well as the public has changed significantly along with technology since our last reorganization almost 20 years ago.

    The diversity of our customer base as well as our workforce has also changed.

    Along with that.

    Taxpayer first act is a fantastic opportunity for the IRS.

    It gives us a chance to look at our structure, gives us a chance to look at, where we're effective, efficient, where we can streamline, but most important it looks at the customer experience and how can we improve that going forward.

    So as we look inward at ourselves and how we're currently organized as an agency, we're going to keep coming back to our organizational structure and whether it is actually enabling us, empowering us to have the most successful interaction with the taxpayer possible.

    It's an opportunity that allows us as the IRS, team to modernize for our customer, which we are also the customer.

    And this would also improve, you know, our taxpayer experience help us to move forward into, you know, a new way of doing things.

    A lot's happened in 20 years, and so I'm sure that you've asked a few times yourself, why do we do things this way? So as an employee, you're going to have a great opportunity to give us feedback and to help us form the future IRS.

    [ music ]